Most challenging things you can do in your lifetime. It requires focus and discipline. If you don't have both of them then you might as well quit. Everything takes effort and the more you do it, the easier it will becomes. Here are three secret ways you can instantly build muscles so you can impress any girl: 1. Have a mentor or trainer. The absolutely best thing that made me build my Platinum XT 1000 muscles faster is to hire a trainer. A trainer can motivate you when you are feeling not the best. He or she can also teach you the correct weight lifting technique that will build your muscles faster. You can find a trainer at any gym but comes at a cost. Trainers are expensive for a reason because they will give you results. 2. Focus on your breathing technique. Most people think that muscle building is all about moving weights with your arms or legs. It is more than that; it should involve proper breathing technique. Breathing properly will help.

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